First Lego League

On January 17, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Thanks to all of our students and staff who volunteered their Saturday to help produce the live streaming event for the FIRST Lego League BC Championships on Saturday, January 14th.

This is the second year running where the Television & Video Production students have provided a live stream of the event for friends and family to enjoy!  This year we had viewers as far away as Europe watching the competition.

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of the event!  You can also check out the complete event coverage on

We have more live projects coming up in the near future, so subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow our Twitter account, @bcittv to be notified of our new productions!

Out and about with cameras!

On October 7, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

This week has been the first time we’ve taken our new first-year students out to work with their equipment around the BCIT Campus in a “production capacity”.

Students have been out practising the camera, audio, and composition skills they’ve learned over the last few weeks to produce short segments about some of the trades and technical students at BCIT.  We’re looking for proper technical control of the camera (focus, aperture, white balance, audio levels), proper use of microphones (which mic to use, where to place it for optimum pickup), and how to compose shots to make it interesting for viewers.

After shooting, we head back to the broadcast centre to spend the afternoon in the edit suite with Final Cut Pro, putting all of the footage together so we can do some critiquing in class and learn about what worked and what didn’t.

A fairly busy day, but great hands-on experience!

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By now you’ve probably had a chance to see some of the examples of the iPhone 4’s HD video capabilities.  The HD video quality is very impressive (especially under controlled conditions), but what about the audio?

Using the built-in microphone isn’t an option for high-quality sound capture.

Did you know that you can use an inexpensive adaptor to feed microphone audio directly into the phone via the headphone jack?

Jeff Geerling has a great article up on his website that details exactly how to go about making everything work by creating a portable kit that can be used for capturing high-quality video with decent sound.

There’s another excellent on his site that focuses specifically on audio recording.

Having shot a number of videos on the iPhone 4 during my recent trip to Shanghai, the other major factor is that you will require a tripod or stabilizer.  The phone itself is just too small to hold perfectly steady when you’re trying to shoot something.

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The sound of silence…

On June 1, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Summer reno time is here!

First up is a new install for TV Audio 2 to replace the old audio board with something a bit newer, including a new iMac 24″ for playback.

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Zut Alors wins for the BEAC x 2!

On April 30, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Zut Alors, one of our second-year production companies has just won two awards from the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada!

“Complicity” won for best Drama.

Written and Directed by Dylan Adkins, Produced by Lauren Weidel, Edited by Justin Li, Director of Photography – Jordan Lee, Assistant Director – Courtney Dunsmoor-Farley, Audio Supervisor – Denis Falardeau.

Complicity from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Judges’ Comments:

  • Initial impression- STYLISH!
  • Great sequences with good composition
  • Superior use of music to create tension
  • Excellent editing, music transitions/fx and timing
  • Lighting was very good
  • While the story was slightly campy and silly, it still grabs your attention, keeps you involved and is well constructed.

And their mockumentary, “Shadow Hands” won for Best Comedy!

Written by Denis Falardeau and Dylan Adkins, Produced by Courtney Dunsmoor-Farley, Directed by Denis Falardeau, Edited by Justin Li, Director of Photography: Jordan Lee, Assistant Director: Lauren Weidel, Audio Supervisor: Dylan Adkins.

Shadow Hands: A Mockumentary from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Judges’ Comments:

  • Great delivery- were they professional actors?
  • Excellent!  Drew me in after the slow beginning
  • Professional Actors?  Well crafted and good storytelling
  • Very well done, truly enjoyed it!
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Second Year Features – Zut Alors

On April 22, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

One of our second-year production companies, Zut Alors, has uploaded two major projects for the year on Vimeo. Check out the links below!

It’s worth noting that their second production, Complicity, was shot in HD on the Canon 7D, our first production to use a digital SLR for a major project. Very cool!

Shadow Hands: A Mockumentary from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Complicity from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

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