By now you’ve probably had a chance to see some of the examples of the iPhone 4’s HD video capabilities.  The HD video quality is very impressive (especially under controlled conditions), but what about the audio?

Using the built-in microphone isn’t an option for high-quality sound capture.

Did you know that you can use an inexpensive adaptor to feed microphone audio directly into the phone via the headphone jack?

Jeff Geerling has a great article up on his website that details exactly how to go about making everything work by creating a portable kit that can be used for capturing high-quality video with decent sound.

There’s another excellent on his site that focuses specifically on audio recording.

Having shot a number of videos on the iPhone 4 during my recent trip to Shanghai, the other major factor is that you will require a tripod or stabilizer.  The phone itself is just too small to hold perfectly steady when you’re trying to shoot something.

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  1. Thanks for the links, and this is a great site! I’ve added it to my feed reader 🙂