BCIT Television & Video Production – Alumni Testimonials


Leah K., TV Grad 2012

“It’s been a completely amazing two years, and I cannot thank you all enough … Pushing me is the biggest thing I need to thank you for.  I never, in a million years would think I’d be working before I graduated … I am following a dream I only came to realize with your help, and working for places that I thought were a distant goal.”

Amanda S., TV Grad 2012

 “My life has done a complete 180 since starting @BCITTV. So proud of how far we’ve all come!!!  The hands-on, ‘real world’, training that this program provides makes it easy to transition from ‘Broadcast Student’ to ‘Broadcast Professional’”!

Jordan L, TV Grad 2012

“BCIT instilled in me the core values necessary to succeed in the TV broadcast and video production industries. During my time in the program I was immersed in the world of production and was able to learn by actually doing real work coupled with interesting theory and technical classes.

I was given good and honest feedback from my instructors who also facilitated many networking opportunities. BCIT gave me the mindset and skills that have helped me get to where I am today.”

Greg S., Grad 2010

“I was very well prepared for the graphics job I now have as a result of my training in the television program at BCIT, the contacts I made as a result of the Television Program at BCIT will be a valuable asset for my future”

Justin L., Grad 2010

“BCIT has served as an invaluable resource in my professional development by providing great opportunities to meet and work with industry professionals and help get my foot in the door.  This program has opened many doors for me that otherwise may have remained closed.”

Greg Shannon, Producer – Sportsnet Canucks, Grad 1988

“The thing that puts BCIT ahead of a lot of other places is they get you out in the industry while you’re going to school, and you get the opportunity to meet people – that’s a really big part of the program”

Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Executive Producer – Omni Film, Grad 1986

“The best reason to go to BCIT is the people that you meet.  The fact that they have the ‘ins’ to each of the production companies and a bunch of the post companies.”

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