iPad – a new tool for broadcast?

On May 11, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

A new tool appeared on the doorstep today courtesy of our own Kemp Edmonds. The iPad hasn’t been officially released in Canada yet, however with some strong international connections, Kemp was able to acquire one of the new tablets for “evaluation”.

The video quality on the unit is outstanding, and the user interface is silky smooth, for broadcasting and viewing documents.

There are possible broadcast applications for units such as these, perhaps to replace paper that gets wasted printing scripts and rundowns such as WXFL-TV in Albany, Georgia has done.

For an educational institution, being able to view textbooks and handouts on an electronic reader makes a lot of sense when laptops would be too cumbersome.

We’re not quite at the point of requiring all students to have iPads, however we’ll certainly try and make sure that people who bring advanced technology to class will be able to utilize it as part of their studies!

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