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On March 29, 2016, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

This is going to be a slightly graphics-intensive update, we’ve been busy…


We haven’t posted any updates for a bit, because we’ve been CRAZY BUSY (well, that and Spring Break!).  In the last three weeks we’ve been producing student commercials at:

And we’d like to thank all of these local businesses for allowing our students to practice their production skills!  There have been lots of great learning experiences, including how to deal with Lower Mainland weather when shooting exteriors (bring rain gear, stay warm, craft services coffee), how to deal with unplanned power outages in your studio (commandeer an instructor’s office with windows), and how to shoot in a collectibles shop, when your crew and instructors are geeking-out over all of the goodies (limit the amount of spending money you bring!).

Only a few weeks of the term left before we switch into “Practicum Mode”, where our Television & Video Production students work with the Broadcast & Online Journalism students to create our weekly BCIT Magazine newscast!

And as always, the full sets of images from our location productions can be found on our Flickr album!

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