Science World – Live Production

On March 1, 2016, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Each year, one of our favourite projects is our first-year Television & Video Production trip to Science World to produce a live cut of their centre-stage science shows.

The Television Students students bring our Broadcast Pix Mica HD Flypack down to Science World, and learn how to create an entire live television production facility – from scratch.  The process isn’t simply turning on cameras – students need to understand signal flow, camera feeds, the intercom and audio system, as well as how to safely manage a considerable amount of production equipment in a very public setting.

The Science World staff love having BCIT Television there, as our sizable equipment setup generally becomes another exhibit for the families in attendance to observe, and we send the finished productions back to Science World to aid in the training of their staff.  Something for everyone!

You can see our full gallery of behind-the-scenes production photos on our Flickr Page as well!

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