Open-source HD Cinema hardware

On August 31, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Many people are probably familiar with open-source software, but when was the first time you’ve seen an open-source HD Cinema camera?

The “Apertus” is being developed by a team of international enthusiasts to give total control over inexpensive HD imaging hardware, allowing filmmakers to potentially develop their own alternatives to commercial offerings from Sony, Panasonic, Red, etc.

While it’s definitely still a work-in-progress, this sort of project would’ve been cost-prohibitive a few years ago.  Now, the cost of the camera hardware (minus lens and audio) is only around $3,000 – and the software is free!

While it might not be as user-friendly or have a workflow as efficient as a camera from one of the major manufacturers, it does prove how quickly technology is changing, and how quickly people are exploring new options as they become available.

Check out a sample movie (click through to Vimeo for the HD version)

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