More commercials this week – our last batch before we move on to our second set of commercial spots for real clients (and shot in P2-HD on our new HPX-300 cameras).

First up this week was the classic story of a poor guy that gives his girl an “unfortunate” gift on a special day.  The end result is that he ended up in the doghouse.  Check the image gallery to see if you can spot the ill-advised gift…

Our second commercial of the week was actually a public service announcement to try and encourage people not to drink and drive.  Although you won’t see it on the gallery photos, the idea is that everyone has a “life clock” that shows how much time they have left before death.

Of course, drinking and driving would cause that number to be shortened rather quickly…

If you look carefully at some of the photos, you’ll see CG tracking dots on some of the actors where the students will be using After Effects to composite-in tracked countdown clocks.  Should be interesting!

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