Congratulations to BCIT Television & Video Production alumni Mariam Demian and Andrea Gilbert, who had their documentary, “Children of Who? – the future of Cambodia’s orphans” screened at the 10th Annual Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto!

In 2011, Cambodia is still building its foundations after 30 years of civil war and government corruption. In the middle is a population that is struggling with acute poverty and low education levels who sadly abandon their babies out of necessity leaving them without care, without protection and in turn perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty and low education. Simultaneously adoption has been ceased until Cambodia complies with international laws. Children of who? asks what will happen to the staggering number of orphans which seems to be increasing at a frightening rate.

Produced and Directed by Mariam Demian and Andrea Gilbert
Editor Andrea Gilbert

Special thanks to another BCIT TV Alumni, Cailin Perry for helping out on the promotional side of things and getting the word out!

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