PSAs Week 4 – and Station Tours

On March 4, 2014, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Week 4, and we’re back with our last two community PSAs of the term, the first by Full Focus Films as an anti-drinking and driving PSA for MADD Canada.  The second PSA, by Vandelay Productions helps illustrate the importance of donating to local food banks.

Every year in term 2, we take our first-year students out to local television stations and production facilities around the lower mainland to give students a feel for both the types of work available, and a first chance to build some industry connections within the facility.  The first stop on the tour schedule this year was Global Television, who pioneered a state-of-the-art production facility in Vancouver that uses video over IP, telemetrics, and virtual set technology to develop a production system that allows Vancouver control rooms to produce newscasts all across Canada.

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