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On March 31, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

What a night!

First off was a going-away party for both our Associate Dean, Brian Antonson and his administrative assistant Janet Wadsworth.  Plenty of good stories, good friends and good food.  Thanks to everyone who was involved both planning and holding this event.  I’m sure it left everyone with fond memories.

Also tonight (as if the party wasn’t work enough), we had our Big Info Session, where all of BCIT’s programs show up and show off to the general public.  The broadcast department had some great displays up (would it be too much to say we stole the show?).

Part of the Television Booth at the BCIT Big Info Session

This was the first public performance of our Broadcast Pix production system in combination with our iMac edit stations and Panasonic HPX-300 P2-HD cameras.

This was also the first time that we had an end-to-end digital workflow.

  1. Footage was shot on the Panasonic HPX-300 P2-HD cameras
  2. After aquisition, the footage gets loaded onto the iMac Final Cut Pro edit station via P2-reader and a USB interface
  3. The finished edits are pushed via ethernet to the clipstore on the Broadcast Pix system and into our live show.

For the most part, it worked flawlessly – just a few hiccups when the power went out (note to student editors: “save often”).  Looking forward to our next live event in the second week of April when we take our class out on location to do a live show for a client!

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