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On August 20, 2009, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

What has been going on over the summer?  New equipment and new instructors!

On the equipment side of things:

  • We’re in the process of purchasing five new HD camera packages (we’re getting the Panasonic AG-HPX-300), which shoot on the P2 memory cards.  This is hopefully spelling the beginning of the end of tape at BCIT.  Of course these cameras will also come with all of the supporting hardware, new tripods, etc.
  • We’ve also purchased 7 iMac computers.  6 for Final Cut Pro editing stations for news, and 1 for audio control 2 for playback into the News Magazine.  We also purchased two 8-core Mac Pro systems for post-production on major projects (one for first year, and one for second year).
  • In order to get more live-event production training, we’re getting a new Broadcast Pix portable production switcher package.  The idea is that we can take this out to live events (sports, plays, non-profit, etc) so students can develop more live multi-camera production skills aside from our normal news programming
  • The Facilis and Omneon server installation is progressing, and we will soon have network-accessible drives available for news and project editing.  The Facilis is the “storage” server while working on your edits, while the Omneon is the “play-to-air” server that connects to the control rooms for direct digital playback (we’re phasing out tape).

All of this won’t be immediately available in September (heck, not much has actually been delivered yet).  We understand students will want to play with use the new gear.  Us too!  But we also want to make sure everyone is properly trained in it.

What this will likely mean is “in-house” use for training purposes until we get all of the bugs/workflow resolved.  Afterwards, we’ll get people using it ASAP.  Some components will be rolled-out in September, some may not be available for groups or individuals to sign-out until January.

As far as instructional staff goes, Al Klein has decided to stay on as a full-time director with CityTV in Vancouver, therefore David Griffiths will be taking on the responsibilities of teaching first-year TV students with John Mills.  Ashif Jivraj will be returning to BCIT Television as a full-time assistant instructor.

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