And now in HD!

Today marked a first for BCIT Magazine as we put our portable high-definition flypack to good use! Together with our Broadcast & Online Journalism program, we produced the first-ever HD BCIT Magazine.  You can watch the show weekly on Wednesday and Thursday through our Livestream channel, or check in later to view it online.

We’ll post some behind-the-scenes photos and video from time to time as well, so not only do you see the stories being presented, but you’ll understand more about the process that the students and faculty go through to put the content together and broadcast it on a weekly basis!

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2013 World Partnership Walk

On May 27, 2013, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Faculty, Students, and alumni of the BCIT Television & Video Production Program were pleased to volunteer our equipment, time, and expertise again this year for the 29th annual World Partnership Walk in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.  Every year, the walk generates millions of dollars in charitable donations to help end global poverty.

Our volunteers produced content for the main-stage LED screen, as well as covering the entire event with the same portable high-definition production equipment that we train students of our full-time program to utilize.

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Coming soon… The Haze

On October 9, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Coming soon from Vérité Productions:

THE HAZE is a short film based on unexpected consequences. In short, the abduction of a man brings about an unexpected response, and highlights the importance of perception. The Haze is about Sam, a first year college student, who is kidnapped by three guys as an initiation or “hazing” for a new frat. What starts off as innocent fun takes a drastic turn.

Directed by Justine Stevens

Produced by Gillian Landrigan

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Checking in…

On October 5, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Pixel Dust Production on location for their first second-year major project, “Pure Blue”.  No audio equipment was harmed in the making of this photo…

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Sony FS-700

On September 19, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Had a chance to evaluate the Sony FS-700 camera last weekend, and did a bit of shooting in Steveston and Richmond to test out the camera and see what it could do.

Check out the video below!


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