Plastic poses a serious threat to the health of our planet, including human health. It is a material that we use often for very short periods of time- sometimes mere seconds- yet it lasts forever in our environment.  Recycling you say?  A well-promoted myth when it comes to plastic.  More about that in the film..

BCIT Television Alumni Ilkka Uitto, and his sister Taina are crowd-funding a documentary project on a consumer society where plastic is commonplace and disposable.  Head on over to their indiegogo page and check out the project they’re working to produce!

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Canon T4i Commercial

On November 20, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

New spot for Broadway Camera and the Canon T4i produced by grads from the Television & Video Production Program.  Turned out quite nicely, have a look!


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First International Feature Film

On August 10, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Television & Video Production alumni Ben Hoskyn begins work on his first international feature film:

“As a wealthy businessman nears the end of his life, his three children are faced with the same choice he made – and now regrets. Living in Toronto, Hong Kong, and Vancouver, they each have to decide between devoting their lives to the multinational family business, or breaking away from it in order to live a life their father never could.”

Written and Allan Mackey and directed by Ben Hoskyn, “8 Minutes Ahead” explores themes of greed, materialism, loyalty, ambition, and the moments when all of those elements collide.

Principal photography begins November 2012, on location in Hong Kong, China.

Check out the Ottawa newspaper write-up for more details, and follow his production online, and through the Indiegogo campaign page.

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Touring the stations

On February 13, 2012, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

One of our annual first-year activities in the Television & Video Production Program is touring our students through various Television stations (and maybe some other stops!) in the lower mainland.

Not only do the tours give our students a chance to see the operations and equipment behind the scenes at local broadcasters, they’re generally the first chance our students have to meet the staff and develop the connections that can lead to a job!

Of course, it’s always a benefit to our staff as well, who get to reconnect with our alumni and see what they’re doing now.  At CTV today, we ran into quite a few BCIT Alumni: Carl, Kim, Jeannine, Johnny, and Derek.  And there’s another half-dozen or so grads who we missed due to the timing of our afternoon visit (Jenn, Sam, Ara and a few others!).  One of the great strengths of our program is our network of industry connections!

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More station tours!

On March 29, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

CTV Vancouver Station Tour

Our first-year students had a chance to get downtown today to visit CTV Vancouver’s station on Burrard street (apologies for not getting photos behind the scenes of our Global BC tour last week, I’ll get some ASAP!)

Looks like some of the beautiful CTV Olympic setpieces got saved and are now being put to good use in their studio, including a gorgeous 150″ Panasonic plasma set that was being used for the Olympic studio.

One of the really enjoyable experiences about visiting stations around town is meeting all of our grads – they’re working everywhere!  It’s one of those unique aspects of the Television and Video Production program that really allows us to get students industry placements to get their “foot in the door”.

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Stand by for further instructions…

On February 16, 2010, in Broadcast, by Television Faculty

So as you may know, there’s this little sporting event going on in BC right now. There’s a little bit of media coverage and a few athletes have come to town to compete…

The result has been that BCIT is closed-down until March 1st.

Of course, even if we were open, we wouldn’t be getting much work done, seeing as how over 120 of our students and staff are working (and everyone getting paid!) for various media outlets involved in producing programming for the event. From NHK to NBC, CTV to OBS, both students and alumni are working everywhere, doing anything and everything.

More than just a film school…

BCIT – get working!

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