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Our latest updates can be found on our FaceBook Page.  Most of the content on this blog site are learning and reference resources for our current students.

To play the videos linked, you’ll need to click on the link to the actual FaceBook Page as they won’t play embedded in WordPress.

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Evolution Live Lounge
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You two are absolutely amazing!!

Excited to see and hear this

Love that jib camera!

How the heck does she do those quarter beats on one leg and keep the other beats going on the other limbs when I can barely walk and chew gum!

Oooh! good point haha

Love it! ❤️

Great job Cassidy Urquhart


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Studio 1 Live in action. We are doing 5 shows a day for the very first time. Set C is doing a terrific job. ... See MoreSee Less


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What are these gross LED lights on the grid! Bring back the warmth of tungsten (and the bill haha)

Behind the scenes of Studio 1 Live in 2019.

Very proud of the entire class - it’s a lot of complex work putting even this short show together and everyone came through as a team!
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