School Counsellors and Facilitators

We try to balance the number of students from each school district so that the distribution of the placements over the course of the year will be as fair as possible to all districts. This means that we initially only accept a maximum of 2 students per school until we can gauge the demand.

Typically we begin arranging scheduling in the second week of September, and again in late November to mid-December.

Counselors can register their students through the “Register Now” tab at the top of this screen.

Feedback and Evaluations

As the students will be working with three separate broadcast programs and up to a dozen different instructors over the course of their four-day time-frame, our ability to give evaluations is limited to confirming on-time attendance, and participation with class activities.

Instructors are asked to report any issues, or other comments to the Career Prep Coordinator – generally speaking, if we don’t hear about issues from other staff members we give the students satisfactory marks all-around.

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