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On February 5, 2011, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

This semester our first-year students will be producing 16 thirty-second commercial spots over the next couple of months (2 per week).  The goal is to train students in the entire production process, from pitching an idea, right through to production and post.  This isn’t all about just running out the door with a camera and shooting, but about the planning, logistics that need to go into making a production happen.

By strange coincidence, the first two commercials this year are alcohol-related!

For a bit of background, each student production company (usually group of 5) is required to produce two 30-second commercials this term, and we stipulate that at least one of them must be a real client (to give the project a bit more of a reality-check).

First up was a project for Heineken Beer which illustrates the old saying about, boy meets girl, boy chooses the wrong beer, other boy who chooses the “right” beer gets the girl.

Second up, was a spot for Industry Bar & Grill in Richmond selling on the idea that no matter what might happen by accident, it’s all good for this bar’s patrons!

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Zut Alors wins for the BEAC x 2!

On April 30, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Zut Alors, one of our second-year production companies has just won two awards from the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada!

“Complicity” won for best Drama.

Written and Directed by Dylan Adkins, Produced by Lauren Weidel, Edited by Justin Li, Director of Photography – Jordan Lee, Assistant Director – Courtney Dunsmoor-Farley, Audio Supervisor – Denis Falardeau.

Complicity from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Judges’ Comments:

  • Initial impression- STYLISH!
  • Great sequences with good composition
  • Superior use of music to create tension
  • Excellent editing, music transitions/fx and timing
  • Lighting was very good
  • While the story was slightly campy and silly, it still grabs your attention, keeps you involved and is well constructed.

And their mockumentary, “Shadow Hands” won for Best Comedy!

Written by Denis Falardeau and Dylan Adkins, Produced by Courtney Dunsmoor-Farley, Directed by Denis Falardeau, Edited by Justin Li, Director of Photography: Jordan Lee, Assistant Director: Lauren Weidel, Audio Supervisor: Dylan Adkins.

Shadow Hands: A Mockumentary from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Judges’ Comments:

  • Great delivery- were they professional actors?
  • Excellent!  Drew me in after the slow beginning
  • Professional Actors?  Well crafted and good storytelling
  • Very well done, truly enjoyed it!
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Second Year Features – Zut Alors

On April 22, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

One of our second-year production companies, Zut Alors, has uploaded two major projects for the year on Vimeo. Check out the links below!

It’s worth noting that their second production, Complicity, was shot in HD on the Canon 7D, our first production to use a digital SLR for a major project. Very cool!

Shadow Hands: A Mockumentary from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

Complicity from Zut Alors on Vimeo.

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Breath Control & Skimboarding in April

On April 9, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Our last two productions for this term took place this week – it would have been nice to have a bit more warm weather in the forecast (considering both productions had exterior components), however rain or shine, we got it done!

First off on Tuesday was a spot for helping asthma sufferers using the “Buteyko Breathing Method“, where a couple spending a nice warm summer day in the park deals with an asthma attack using a special breathing technique.

On Thursday we made our way to Tsawwassen and onto the Boundary Bay beach to shoot a commercial for Kayotics Skimboards.  Our actor made a fairly quick transition from his day-to-day work in a cubicle to a more exciting work locale.

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Old Time Rock n' Roll / Zip Cars

On April 3, 2010, in Television & Video Production, by Television Faculty

Our two HD commercial shoots this week kicked-off with a spot for Neptoon Records, which caters to all musical tastes.  Check out the image gallery for a couple of the more unusual examples you can find in the store.

Also this week was a commercial spot for ZipCar, a short-term car rental service available in the metro-Vancouver area.  In this case, it’s particularly useful for short shopping trips, especially when your hands are full!

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