Before Registering – Student Information Sessions

To help ensure that students who plan to attend our career program are focused on Broadcasting as a possible future career choice, career prep applicants are required to attend one of our monthly Information Sessions prior to being scheduled for one of our available slots.

At our information session they will hear an overview given by an instructor from each program to help the student decide if the courses we offer are appropriate for their interests and skill level.

Our monthly “Broadcast and Media Communications” information session dates are listed online on our website under the heading of Business & Media:

You can also call our info session hot-line at 604.451.6735

The session starts at 5:30 PM and will last approximately 60 minutes. Parents are welcome to attend.

In order to be eligible for our career program, it is important that each visiting student fill-in and return an orange registration sheet at the end of the session, showing they have attended.

Choosing a Focus

BCIT’s Broadcast Department offers students the chance to specialize in one of our three core full-time programs – Television & Video Production, Radio Arts & Entertainment, and Broadcast & Online Journalism.

After attending our broadcast information session, career prep students need to indicate which of our programs they are the most interested in attending.

This allows us to better allocate the limited slots we have available.

Television & Video Production

For students who want to concentrate on the technical side of production (directing, camerawork and editing, lighting, operating production switchers and computer playback systems, live event production, as well as creating scripts and storyboards).

Radio Arts & Entertainment

For students who want to learn more about on-air radio station operations. This includes running music and news programming, voice training, commercial and promotional audio production, copywriting, etc.

Broadcast & Online Journalism

For students who want to write and produce stories, conduct interviews, and perform as on-air talent (news anchors and reporters for Radio and Television productions).


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